ebook-schnauzerDr. Debbie’s eBook – Miniature Schnauzer
The miniature schnauzer displays enthusiastic devotion and affection for its owner, balanced with an ever-watchful protective instinct. These social skills, among other traits, have helped the breed achieve an American Kennel Club rank of 12th most popular dog in the United States. Author Dr. Debbie White, DVM, however, accompanies this praise with words of caution: The typically playful and kid-friendly pooch might chase or nip in the wrong environment. In “The Miniature Schnauzer: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend,” White offers a range of advice for attentive dog owners, from obtaining and selecting a miniature schnauzer to general care, including housetraining, healthcare, exercise and prepping the home so that playfulness is high and nips are not.


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