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ebook-shihtzuDr. Debbie’s eBook – Shih Tzu
Dr. Debbie White’s “Shih Tzus: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend” shows how big personalities can come in small, furry packages. This breed’s history stretches across 14 centuries, and yet it is a newcomer in the United States, where it arrived in 1958. Before that, Shih Tzus have been the companions of royalty, an element of the breed’s history some Shih Tzus seem keenly aware of. In her book, White provides the advice necessary to help a prospective owner of a Shih Tzu anticipate needs such as diet, grooming, exercise, training and integration into a family with a focus on breed-specific behaviors and health concerns. White also examines a dozen potential challenges and details the solutions available for each.

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