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Desert Tortoise Food- MegaDiet Available Now
March12Tortoise lovers can now purchase MegaDiet at our hospital. We are now satellite sellers for Megadiet- a pelleted diet produced by the Tortoise Group which is used to supplement feeding of desert tortoises. MegaDiet is typically softened with water and fed 2-3 times a week.

More information on desert tortoise care can be found at Tortoise Care Information – Tortoise Group

Wag a Tail Walk a Thon
Grab your pooch’s leash and join a good cause at the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society’s annual Wag-a-tail Walk-a-thon this Saturday, April 7th at the Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex, 7901 W. Washington Ave.

LMAH’s own Dr. Debbie will be working at the Pet Disaster Planning Booth and providing on-site pet first aid.

Walk-a-thon runs form 9am to 10am, but registration opens at 7:30am. Your canine friend will thank you for the exercise and you’ll enjoy the vendor booths, contests, and raffle drawings.

For more information on this pet friendly activity click on this link:

Wag-a-tail Walk-a-Thon Information

Ask Dr. Debbie
Q: My neutered male English bulldog has hair loss along both sides of his body. He doesn’t scratch or chew at the areas. I was told that it could be seasonal flank alopecia and that nothing could be done for this- is this true?

A: It certainly could be seasonal flank alopecia, also known as Cyclic Follicular Dysplasia. This condition is commonly identified in English Bulldogs, as well as Boxers, Airedales and Schnauzers.

Dogs with this condition typically have a smooth loss of hair along both sides of the torso and may have darkly pigmented skin in the affected areas. Affected dogs are not itchy or bothered by the condition- this is important to note since a dog with alopecia and itching likely has something other than Seasonal Flank Alopecia.

Seasonal Flank Alopecia may improve and worsen at different times of the year- some dogs have hair loss in Spring/Summer and others in Fall/Winter.

Some tests are warranted before making this diagnosis including thyroid testing, skin scrapings, and fungal/bacterial culture. A skin biopsy can routinely diagnose Seasonal Flank Alopecia.

While there is no cure for the condition, some dogs may improve with melatonin supplementation. But since this is purely a cosmetic disease that does not affect the dog’s quality of life, there is no harm in just allowing him to be- just as he is.

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to Emmi our April pet of the month. Emmi is a frequent visitor to Lone Mountain and always full of love. To read more about her visit our website or facebook page.

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