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Ask Dr. Debbie
may12Q: My black Labrador, Sadie, is in the pool all the time. She prefers drinking the pool water and won’t drink from her water bowl. Will this hurt her?

A: The amount of chlorine, bromide and salt in swimming pools is very low and not a danger when your dog drinks pool water. However, don’t allow her in the pool immediately after a chemical shock treatment; no swimming or drinking from pools after these intense chemical treatments. Always keep concentrated pool chemicals locked and away from pets.

Inspect Sadie’s water bowl to make sure it’s comfortable for her to drink from. Dark colored and stainless steel bowls heat up quickly in the summer heat. Keep her bowls in a shaded area and change water frequently. Clean water bowls daily during summer heat to decrease bacteria and mold growth.

Adopt a Cat Month
Four million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the United States. This averages out to one every 8 seconds. Through spaying & neutering and adoption we can lower the number of unwanted pets.

June is recognized as National Adopt-a-Cat Month and coincides with a time when local shelters receive an influx of kitties looking for good homes. Please consider adopting a cat if you have room in your hearts and homes.

Support our local shelters and save a life!

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The Animal Foundation
Las Vegas Valley Humane Society

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to “Sweetie” our June pet of the month. You can learn more about Sweetie on our webpage or Facebook page.

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