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jun12New Boarding Service – Doggie Treadmill
Boarding your dog soon? Squash kennel boredom by scheduling time on our new canine treadmill. We now offer indoor daily walk/run sessions for boarding dogs on our treadmill, the Dog Pacer.

It’s known that dogs thrive with physical activity – it improves fitness, regulates weight and decreases mental boredom. Our staff is thrilled with our own dog’s response to the treadmill. With proper introduction, dogs take very well to the doggie treadmill and enjoy having “a job” to do when at the clinic.

Daily exercise rates apply for treadmill use. Ask our staff for more information.

Ask Dr. Debbie
Q: I just moved to Las Vegas from Oregon and am worried how my dog will tolerate the triple digit heat. How can I help him get used to the heat?

Oh the dog days of summer are here for a while. Both you and your dog are in for a major climate change. First, remember that a dog’s cooling mechanism is less efficient than ours; we sweat while dogs pant to stay cool. When the temperatures are sweltering, remember to limit pets exercise during daytime hours. Breeds with pushed in faces are especially vulnerable to heat stroke and should be closely monitored. High temperature warnings don’t just apply for day hours… evening temperatures are still a danger to pets after sunset.

Your dog won’t be acclimated to our intense summer weather, so limit the time he spends outdoors during summer and avoid mid-day hours. Caution and supervision is especially important during his first summer in our desert heat. Monitor his outdoor activity for any signs of heavy panting or restlessness- get him indoors if any problems are noted.

His water intake should increase substantially from what he drank in Oregon. Always provide ample water indoors and outside. Check outdoor water sources- metal and darkly colored bowls get hot when in direct sun. To keep water source fresh, keep water bowls in the shade and add ice to water.

Give your dog a cool summer treat by making “pupsicles”. Freeze low salt chicken broth in ice cube trays and give as treat for your pet to lick or drop in drinking water to encourage water intake.

Kiddie pools are a great way to allow dogs to cool themselves. A dog’s lightly haired underbelly is an effective cooling area when wet. Let Fido lounge in a kiddie pool or wet down him with garden hose.

Pet of the Month
Cheers to “Eros” our June pet of the month. You can learn more out “Eros” at www.lmah.net

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