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jul12aAsk Dr. Debbie
Q: I noticed that my Boston terrier puppy trembles when he eats his kibble and even shivers after eating. He seems perfectly normal at other times. What’s going on?

A: A couple things could be going on with your little guy. Some puppies get so wound-up during mealtime that they just shake with the anticipation and excitement of mealtime. This isn’t a concern unless he gulps food too fast. Slow down overly eager pups at mealtime by placing a coffee mug upside down in food bowl – this slows down how fast he ingests his food.

In most cases it is normal for pups to shiver after eating. Puppies have little body fat and their body temperature drops after eating as blood is directed away from the limbs, toward the digestive tract. As long as the shivers go away soon after mealtime, you shouldn’t worry.

Tremors around meal time can be a symptom of other health issues though. Monitor for nausea, stiff or difficult walking, prolonged trembling or any seizure activity. These are warning signs of a medical problem – see your veterinarian if they occur.

Yorkie Book by Dr. White
Yorkshire Terriers: How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend - Dr. Debbie WhiteCongrats to our very own Dr. Debbie White – she just had her first E-book published. “Yorkshire Terriers: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend” is now available on Amazon.com. She has the writing bug, so keep an eye out for more books in the future.


Pet of the Month
Hurray for “Goyo” , a black and white Chihuahua, our August pet of the month. To learn more about Goyo visit our website at www.lmah.net.

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