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aug12bDental Month Returns
It’s that time again- dental month is here. Bust doggie breath by having your pet’s teeth cleaned. You’ll appreciate the fresh breath and your pet will enjoy the health benefits. Take advantage of the special dental pricing: $35.00 off regular price, with free nail trim, bath and anal sac expression.

Cats for Adoption
We need your help adopting cats from a family rescue situation and have more kitties than we know what to do with. If you have room in your heart and home to adopt a cat, please consider our cats in need. We have young and older cats, tabby and solid color cats, shorthair and longhair cats, snuggly and independent cats. Please call for more info or come on by to meet our friends.

aug12aAsk Dr Debbie
Q: I was given a Cocker spaniel that had a litter 2 weeks ago but she won’t have anything to do with her five puppies. How do I care for the pups?

A: Be ready for a lot of hungry mouths and little rest. Caring for newborn pups can be very rewarding but take considerable effort.

Set up a puppy house in a box or dog kennel. Provide an additional heat source with a hot water bottle or heating pad to maintain an environmental temperature of 85 degrees. Hypothermia, too low body temperature, can cause a pup to be sluggish and stop nursing. Be cautious with heating pads as they can get too hot and burn pups even if on low settings.

Get ready for bottle feeding by purchasing a powdered puppy milk replacer and begin bottle feeding every 2 to 4 hours. Do not use cow’s milk. After feedings you will need to stimulate the pups to urinate and defecate. Moisten a washcloth with warm water and gently rub the urogenital area- within a few minutes the pups will eliminate.

At 3 weeks of age you should start offering solid food with a mush created using dry puppy food moistened with milk replacer. Continue bottle feeding during the weaning process to supplement pups. Most pups will be weaned over to softened puppy food by 5 weeks of age. After fully weaned by 6 to 8 weeks- the pups are ready for new homes.

See a veterinarian if any pups stop eating, have diarrhea or cry excessively.

Pet of the Month
Murphy the cockatoo soars in as our September 2012 Pet of the Month. After improving so much with her recent medical issue, she deserves this very special recognition. See her photo on our website www.lmah.net

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