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cat1Kitty Adoption Thank You
A very big thank you goes out to the clients, friends and employees who opened their hearts and homes by adopting our kitties in need. It is wonderful to see so many cat lovers come forward and provide the forever home these sweet cats needed.

Currently we still have three adult cats awaiting adoption- 2 males and 1 female. Please call for more information or come by for a visitation.

Doggie Cancer Walk
Bring your dog and join our staff and clients as ‘Team Lone Mountain’ participates in the Puppy Up! Las Vegas event Saturday, November 3rd. This dog walk benefits canine cancer research. To participate or donate, visit the website. Puppy Up! Las Vegas – Home

Ask Dr. Debbie
Q: A cat wandered into our yard and has decided to adopt us. She is affectionate, eats well but just looks scrawny. She is much smaller than the cats I’ve had previously and her hair coat looks kind of greasy, like it always needs a brushing. What can I give her to fatten her up?

A: First I would start with a visit to your veterinarian. A thorough physical exam and screening tests is in order. A quick fecal test for parasites and a blood test for the viral diseases, Feline leukemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus should be performed. All of these are important for a cat that has, or continues to spend time outdoors.

I’ve encountered some cats with unkempt hair coats that simply have infected teeth and don’t care to groom themselves because of oral discomfort. So be sure to have those teeth checked out too.

To ensure we aren’t missing any undetected parasites in stray cats, I typically treat with an oral dewormer and administer a topical flea product. See your veterinarian for these medications though, since cats can be very sensitive to some over-the-counter parasite treatments.

And if all else checks out fine, I’d feed this gal a high quality adult cat diet and see how she settles into your home. If she is healthy but just small, not to worry since female cats can be quite petite in size- only 6 to 8 pounds for some lady kitties.

Pet of the Month
Cats rule this month, as we recognize a cat winner, Peanut, as our November Pet of the Month. Check out Peanut’s photo on our webpage www.lmah.net.

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