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holidaydogPet Donation Drive
Join the staff of LMAH in our pet donation drive to benefit Noah’s Animal House, a local shelter for pets owned by women fleeing domestic violence. Pet care supplies such as cat litter, dog and cat food, dog treats, pet sweaters, and potty pads are much in need. And Noah’s always welcomes monetary gifts or gift cards to Petco, Petsmart, Target or Walmart. For a more complete list of holiday wish list items visit their website. Noah’s Animal House Drop off donations at LMAH throughout the month of December. Thank you for your support of this important local resource.

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to “Austin” a 14 year old poodle who is our December pet of the month. You can learn more about him on our Facebook, Pinterest or webpage.

Holiday Hours
Please take note of the following business hours for the holidays. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season!
Monday, December 24th 7am to 5pm
Tuesday, December 25th Closed
Wednesday, December 26th 7am to 7 pm
Monday, December 31st 7am to 5pm
Tuesday, January 1st 8am to 4pm
Wednesday, January 2nd 7am to 7pm

Ask Dr. Debbie
Q: My Dachshund tells me when his anal sacs are causing him discomfort by dragging his bottom on the carpet, sometimes leaving a foul smell behind. I take him to the veterinarian every 4 to 6 weeks to have his anal sacs expressed because I can’t stand the smell. Is this too often to have the glands expressed?

A: Some dogs never experience problems with their anal glands, but others are plagued with ongoing discomfort from these scent glands, which serve no important purpose but produce a pungent odor. Dog anal sacs are similar to a skunk’s scent glands, but thankfully not quite as offensive. Dogs with anal sac discomfort will scoot their butt end, lick the anal area, or display defecation difficulties. You are right to take your dog to the veterinarian when you notice problems since some anal sacs can become infected forming abscesses. Most dogs only need their anal sacs expressed every 1 to 3 months, but some breeds like Dachshunds, Basset Hounds and Pugs are on the frequent flier program. For these dogs, it is completely fine to schedule that monthly anal sac expression, and keep “bootie scooting” to a minimum.

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