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jan13aBanish Dog Breath
Now is the time to tackle your pet’s dental care! Throughout the month of February we are offering a special dental care package that includes teeth scaling & polishing, free bath, free nail trim, free anal sac expression and a dental month discount of $35 off the regular price. Call now at 702-645-3116 to reserve a dental appointment or to schedule your pet’s free dental assessment exam today. Offer ends February 28th.

To find out more why doggie breath is dangerous to your pet’s health, visit Dr. Debbie’s blog at http://www.drdebbie.net

Exciting New Ferret Treatment Available at LMAH
LMAH is now offering a new treatment option for ferrets suffering from adrenal gland disease- the Suprelorin F implant. Adrenal gland disease is commonly diagnosed in adult male and female ferrets and is due to overproduction of sex hormones by the adrenal glands. This condition in ferrets may be induced by hormonal changes resulting from factors such as surgical altering at young age, indoor housing with long daylight exposure, and genetic predisposition. Symptoms of ferret adrenal gland disease include itching, hair loss, lethargy, increased aggressive behaviors, vulvar swelling in females, and difficulty urinating in males.

jan13bTreatment options for ferret adrenal gland disease include surgical removal of the diseased adrenal gland, or medical management. Surgery can provide best potential for a cure in removing the tumor affected gland, but can be costly and poses surgical risks. Medical management of adrenal disease does not remove the tumor within adrenal gland, but is geared to control symptoms. Previous medical options for ferret adrenal disease included monthly depo-lupron injections, melatonin implants, and other orally administered hormone blocking drugs. Individual ferret response to medical management has been variable and repeat injections are necessary every 4 weeks. Now a new medical option is available that may only require veterinary visits every 12 months. The Suprelorin F implant slowly dissolves and blocks the production of excess hormones by the adrenal glands.

This treatment option may not be ideal for every ferret, but may offer a useful alternative to monthly visits to the veterinary office. For more information, call us to discuss your ferret’s adrenal gland disease with one of our exotic pet veterinarians. For more details about ferret adrenal disease and the Suprelorin implant visit the Virbac Animal Health website. Suprelorin F Implant- Pet Owner Information.

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to Juno our Feburary pet of the month. Read how he found his forever home at our website www.lmah.net.

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