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Dental Month Special Extended
Whew! February is too short a month to address all the dog and cat mouths in need of dental help. Due to heavy demand, we are honoring the February Dental Special throughout March. Call for your pet’s dental appointment today at 702-645-3116.

dogfoodExciting New Ferret Treatment Available at LMAH New Promising Diet for Weight Loss
Over 50% of U.S. dogs and cats are overweight or obese. All those extra pounds increase a pet’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic injury and shorten life expectancy. A new diet is available at LMAH that is a totally different way to tackle canine and feline obesity.
Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution allows you to feed your pet without depriving her, and still achieve weight loss goals. In feeding trials in real pet households, 88% of pets lost weight. In just 2 months’ time, dogs lost 28% body fat and cats lost 29%.
This diet is not like any other weight loss diet found on pet store or veterinary shelves. The diet works by activating your pet’s natural ability to burn body fat and altering calorie utilization. When starting the diet, your veterinarian will weigh your pet and take body measurements to calculate a custom feeding plan- one that even includes treats.
See one of our doctors for more details or visit the Hill’s website for more information.

Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Pet Food | Hill’s Prescription Diet

Tips to Manage Digestive Upset at Home
You spot your dog Buster running out the doggie door every 30 minutes and discover that he has decorated the backyard with spots of diarrhea. He looks okay, isn’t vomiting and ate all his dinner without missing a beat. The veterinary office is closed and Buster doesn’t appear to be in distress. What do you do?

foodThe first step in managing pet diarrhea is to remove all food for 12 hours- no food, edible bones, treats or table foods. Allow your dog’s digestive tract to rest by keeping food out of the picture. Be sure to keep water available for your pet however.
Still have diarrhea? Try feeding small amounts of a bland home cooked diet of boiled chicken (no skin or bones) and white rice. Or try the home-care diarrhea treatment with feeding canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling with spices). Pumpkin’s balance of soluble and insoluble fiber is the key to how it works for diarrhea. But don’t give too much, just give 1 teaspoon for small dogs or cats or 1 Tablespoon for large dogs. See your veterinarian if your pet’s diarrhea lasts over 24 hours, or if vomiting or abdominal pain is noted.

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to Mocha our March pet of the month. You can read more about Mocha on our webpage at www.lmah.net

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