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mar13aAsk Dr. Debbie
Q: I just inherited a relative’s rabbit because they couldn’t take care of her or get her spayed. All she does is bite me. How can I get her to be more affectionate?

A: My first suggestion is to get this bunny spayed as soon as possible. Both male and female bunnies can be aggressive and urine mark when not spayed or neutered. However, unspayed female bunnies can be especially moody and known to bite people or other animals. Beyond the behavior concerns, another important reason to spay a female rabbits is their high risk of uterine cancer. After recovering from the spay surgery, your rabbit’s hormones will settle down. Then work on winning over your bunny’s affection by using food and affection as rewards. By hand offer her a sprig of dandelion greens or a piece of bell pepper. Or in limited amounts, you can offer a small bite of fruit like melon or apple.

Speak to her quietly and calmly. Work up to handling, allowing her to come to you for the treat or affection. With time she’ll learn you are a friend and those nibbled fingers will be a thing of the past.

For more information on rabbit care, visit the website for House Rabbit Society

Craig Road Animal Hospital Open House

Our nearby sister clinic is having an open house this month on Sunday, April 28th from 10am to 2pm. Kids will love the critters from Roos-N-More petting zoo. Lone Mountain Animal Hospital will have a booth, as well as several local rescue groups and other vendors. For more information call 702-645-0331 or visit Veterinary Open House-Craig Road Animal Hospital

Meet our Pet of the Month

The LMAH staff voted “Gsxr” as the April 2013 Pet of the Month. Everyone at LMAH loves seeing this handsome Bulldog at the hospital. Check him out on our webpage of monthly winners.

Congratulations to Juno our Feburary pet of the month. Read how he found his forever home at our website www.lmah.net.

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