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apr13Ask Dr. Debbie
Q: I just adopted a 3 month old male kitten from the shelter and my adult cat, George, doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Sometimes George hisses, bats at him, or just runs away if the kitten comes nearby. A friend told me I made a mistake and should have adopted a female kitten to get along with my male cat better- Is this correct? How can I get George to become friends with new kitten?

A: If we were discussing a multi-dog home, then yes it is recommended to pair a male dog with a female combination for optimum harmony. But with multiple cats, the cat personalities are more important than what sex the cats are. A quiet, timid cat pairs best with a similarly laid back kitty, while pairing a quiet cat with an outgoing, spunky cat can lead to greater challenges. Don’t give up though- successful introduction of a new cat to the home can take weeks to months. Some kitties just need time to sort things out. Decrease competition over resources by providing multiple litter boxes, food bowls, and perching/hiding areas all throughout the house.

Schedule playtime with the kitten two to three times a day and encourage him to direct his playful energy on toys. Place a collar with a bell on the kitten to warn George where the kitten is at.

Reward George for behaving calmly around the kitten by offering treats and praise. Give George time and lots of love, and he’ll likely decide that the kitten is a good pal.

Pet Of The Month
Congratulations to Ducky, a Meyer Parrot, our May pet of the month. You can read more about Ducky on our facebook , webpage and google+ page.

Memorial Day
It’s pet safety first when it comes to enjoying the upcoming holiday. Ensure all pets are identified with a microchip and collar ID especially if traveling. Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations and parasite control like heartworm preventative and flea/tick control. Decide if it’s in your pet’s best interest to include them in holiday activities like parades, picnics or hiking. Nervous pets or those with health conditions may not tolerate the excitement, activity or warmer weather. And with spring temperatures rising, the risk of heat stroke increases for pets especially when they are very active or excited. Need to schedule a veterinary visit around the holiday? We’re open with special hours on Memorial Day. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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