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Dental Month Extended
My how fast February flies by! Our dental month special popularity combined with February’s short month mean that we will be extending the dental month special through March 31st. Call today for your pet’s dental appointment.

Ask Dr. Debbie
Golden retriever dog with food dishQ:
I was shopping for dog food the other day at a pet store and was told by a store clerk that my current food is a bad diet since it lists chicken meal as its first ingredient and that whole meat should be the first ingredient. Should I change the food?
A: It is a misconception that meals are bad in pet foods. Meals are actually a very concentrated source of protein which can allow the manufacturer to incorporate higher protein levels and better balance the protein to the amount of carbohydrates.

When you see the term “meat” on the label it refers to the muscle without other parts included. Meals are a dehydrated, rendered product from meat, skin and sometimes bones. Not all meals are created equal though, with some of lesser or higher quality. On the pet food label, meals may be listed as “chicken meal”, “beef meal”, “poultry meal”, or “meat meal”. It is preferred to have specified source of meal such as “chicken meal”, instead of the nebulous “meat meal” -of which you don’t know the animal source.

It should be pointed out that ingredients are listed by weight on the pet food label. So just because the first ingredient listed on a diet is whole meat, it doesn’t necessarily mean the food has a higher protein level. Whole meat is almost 75% water, so it takes top billing since water weighs more. It’s possible to achieve higher protein with less weight when using meat meals, since the water is already removed from the equation.
My advice is to select diets that have both whole meats and a high quality meat meal.

Pet of the Month
Congratulations to Rockett Starr” (African Grey) our February Pet of the month. To learn more about Jackson please visit our Pet of the Month page


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