Preparing for your visit

New Patient Form
For your convenience, please print and fill our New Patient form and present them to the front desk when you arrive for your first office visit.
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Bring Medical Records
For new patient visits, please bring any previous medical records including vaccinations history, veterinary records and current medications.

Inquire About Feeding
Some procedures, tests and anesthesia require special feeding or fasting in advance. Please ask our staff for more details prior to your pet’s visit.

Do Your Homework
Know about your pet’s current symptoms, appetite, diet and any elimination issues. These observations greatly assist the veterinarian in diagnosing illness.

Bring The Evidence
Bring stool samples on healthy and sick pet visits whenever possible. Videotape your pet’s abnormal behaviors or symptoms; this clarifies symptoms that are intermittent or more readily displayed in the home environment.

Transport Safely
Carry cats in a pet carrier. Dogs should enter hospital on a leash or secured in pet carrier. Transport birds and exotic pets in a pet carrier or appropriate container to prevent injury or escape.

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