A dog may enter the vaccination schedule at any time. Our doctors will help determine the most appropriate vaccines to administer and set up your pet’s booster schedule. Rabies vaccination is legally required in Nevada and only can be administered by a veterinarian after 12 weeks of age. Revaccination is required a year after the initial vaccine and then every 3rd year thereafter.

6 Week Pediatric Visit
Wellness Exam Topics: Housetraining
Parvo (6 wk) Behavior/Socialization
Deworming #1 Nutrition
Intestinal Parasite Screening Parasite Control
8 Week Pediatric Visit
Wellness Exam Topics: Grooming
Distemper #1 Training Classes
Parvo #1 Parasite Control
Parainfluenza #1
Adenovirus #1
Bordetella #1
Deworming #2
Intestinal Parasite Screening
12 Week Pediatric Visit
Wellness Exam Topics: Dental Care
Distemper #2 Breed Related Concerns
Parvo #2 Pet Insurance
Parainfluenza #2
Adenovirus #2
Bordetella #2
Rabies (1 year)
16 Week Pediatric Visit
Wellness Exam Topics: Spay/Neuter
Distemper #3 Microchip ID
Parvo #3 Heartworm Preventative
Parainfluenza #3 Nutrition – Transition to Adult Food
Adenovirus #3
20 Week Pediatric Visit
Wellness Exam Frequency: Annually
Distemper #4
Parvo #4
4 to 6 Month Visit
  Topics: Spay/Neuter
Microchip: Permanent ID recommended for all pets (Includes Registration). Learn More.
Intestinal Parasite Check: Test for intestinal parasites is advised annually.
Deworming: Puppies receive a minimum of 2 deworming treatments.
Heartworm Preventative: (dependent on size) Advised for all dogs for year-round protection. The disease is passed by mosquitoes.

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