Surgical Consent Form

Please only use this form if directed to by a member of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital’s staff as this form is used to authorize us to perform surgery on your pet.

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Pet History

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I am the owner, or agent, of the above animal and have the authority to execute this consent. I hereby authorize the following procedures:

Pet Procedure (required)

Laser Surgery
Laser surgery can be used on most surgical procedures. Benefits include decreased pain, swelling, and bleeding. Additional fees apply for laser use ($80).
Yes - I want this for my pet.No - I do not want this for my pet.

Pre-Op Blood Work
For the protection of our patients, we recommend preoperative blood work to screen for health conditions that may represent an additional anesthetic risk. Multi-Panel for pets less than 5-years-old: $105; full-panel for pets 5-years-old or older: $139.
Yes - I want this for my pet.No - I do not want this for my pet.

HomeAgain Microchip
This includes the Pet Recovery Fee.
Yes - I want this for my pet.No - I do not want this for my pet.

Certain procedures can cause some degree of pain and/or discomfort. Pain medication will be administered to patients whenever appropriate. Reasonable precautions will be used against injury, escape, or death of this pet. All anesthetics do present a risk to the health of my pet. I accept these risks as part of the procedure(s). I realize that the results cannot be guaranteed, and that payment is due in full at the time of discharge. By signing below, I indicate that I understand and agree to the above information.

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