Thanksgiving Tips – Keeping Your Pets Safe this Holiday

Thanksgiving is a fun day for the whole family. It’s a day where we meet with our closest family and friends to feast on delicious food and bask in each other’s company. However, we must remember things that can be dangerous to our furry, scaly, and feathered friends and practice diligence to keep them out of harm’s way.

For a fun, safe holiday for both you
and your pets, try to remember a few tips:



  • Snack Attack:
    It’s easy to get distracted by the merriment and let your precious pet sneak some snacks, but it’s important to remember that they cannot always eat what we can. Try not to leave them unsupervised around any of the Thanksgiving food, and remind your guests not to sneak any table scraps to your pet. Please see the “menu” below of items that can be harmful to your pets and why.
  • The Nose Knows:
    Excessive noise, new faces, new smells… This can all be overwhelming for your pet. Please remember and remind your guests that they need their space too. Know the warning signs that your pet is stressed. If appropriate, have a safe space for them to be able to go to.
  • Chewer’s Remorse:
    Watch out for non-food items that your pet may decide to snack on. Items such as baking string, oven bags, turkey bones, and various holiday decorates can be very detrimental to your dog’s health if swallowed.

Erik wishes you a happy and safe Thanksgiving

Holidays and Your Pets, Tips to save a visit to your vet.

HOLIDAYS AND YOUR PETS, Tips to save a visit to your vet.

By:  Veterinarian Dr. Taylor Parker of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital – Las Vegas, Nevada 

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Pet Safety Tips Las Vegas Nevada

Here are a few tips to consider during this holiday season

 Avoid feeding your pets holiday food

–          Most foods are too rich for our pets and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia.

–          Bones may be present in the turkey or ham; this can be dangerous if ingested and may cause obstructions which may lead to surgery

–          Onions and garlic can lead to anemia in pets

–          Alcohol is NEVER recommended and yeast dough can also lead to alcohol poisoning

 Decorations may be dangerous to pets if ingested or played with

–          Items like tinsel can be swallowed by pets, especially cats and lead to obstruction which my lead to surgery

–          Ornaments made of glass can cut or puncture skin, tongues, etc.

–          Decorations or trees can sometimes encourage urine marking, especially in cats/dogs prone to urine marking in the home

–          Any decorations that require sharp nails, tack, hooks etc. may also lead to injury or ingestion

–          Trees can lead to climbing, which can lead to disaster

–          Lights are great, very pretty, but require electric cords and extension cords, keep pets away from chewing them because it can lead to electrocution

Plants are pretty, but can be toxic when ingested

There are several plant species that we love to keep inside during the holidays, some species include;

–          Poinsettia

–          Holly and Mistletoe

–          Lilies and daffodils

–          Amaryllis

–          Also, watch out for liquid potpourri, this is also toxic when ingested


We love our family and friends, but they come with their own possible “side effects”

–          Remind guest that feeding your pets table food can be dangerous

–          If any guest use prescription medications be sure they keep them out of reach from your pets

–          Even vitamins can be dangerous if taken in large quantities

–          Guests may accidentally leave open doors or gates, make sure your pet had proper updated tags and microchip


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